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August 23, 1978
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August 23, 1978 New Salem Journal---Page 15 SAMPLE BALLOT I I IIIIII tate And County Primary &amp; County Special Election orton County, North Dakota - September 5, 1978 "You cannot spl/T your ballot/n the primary election, ff you vote for candidates of more than one party, your ballot w/// be re/ec/ed. " INSTRUCTIONS I TO VOTERS i i iiii To vote for a candidate of your selection, punch the ballot card in the hole next to the name of that CaR- d idate. If you wrongly punch, tear or deface the ballot card, retu ra it to the election judge and obtain another. To vote for a person not on the ballot, write the of- fice title and the name of the person in the space provid- ed OR the g ray write-i a envelope Punch only with tool provided -- never with a pencil or pen. I I IMPORTANT J Yourve s ed by punching the ballot card -- not by marking the paper ballot. I I I I I REPUBLICAN "You olnrmt spilt your bnltet in the primary election. If you vote for candklofou of nro then one party, your heRot wilt be mject EFRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS i foe (ONE) Him Only MARK ANDREWS 2--> ITATE SENATOR 14 DISTRICT IQ lONE) Name Only EMBERs OF HOUSE Iq[PRESENTATIVES DISTRICT (TwoI Nlou Only -ISLIC SERVICE COMMISSlONEk IIW(ONE) N=me Only ROEERTALEERS 5-. CLARENCE JAEGER 6"> RONALD GUNSCH 8.-> RALPH HICKLE 9"> CHESTER MILLER 10--)" RICHARD "DICK" ELKIN 12--Y mR,m.._ (ONE) Nm Onlt NONE FILED  -- , ;,;.m I E;,,,.;;,;--, --  ....... I, 11111-- M .-; County, N.O. CONSTITUTIONAL MEASURES (Amendments) urrlmt resnlutlct to rgqDeal SeCtIOnS 40, 62, 180, anO 181 Of the Con- l.kXl Of the State of North Dakota, relating to deadlines for the In- L-Ymtlon Of bitll tn the legislature end the contents Of the general aD- Ulation bill, the levy end cnlletlon of a pOll tax, and the generol r$ Of the legislature reardlng tax mailers. SHALL SAID CONSTITUTIONAL MEASURE BE APPROVED? '.urront reSOlution to repeal t4Ktton 214 and s4:tlon 1 through 25 Of i imslt on'schedule Of the Constitution of the Stole Of North Dakota, 'ins to the original corq;ressional end legislotivo apportionment Of ,LM ate and to the trangltion Of governmental functions from ter. "wtai 90vernment to orate vernment. SHALL SAID YES 87m1 CONSTITUTIONAL MEASURE BE APPROVED? NO 88,, IR- Urrant reOlutlon for tho amendment Of slctlon t74 Of the Con h -- Of the State of North DakOta, relating tO me raising of revenue mn 81Valorem INmsis. ES 94")" SHALL SAID CONSTITUTIONAL MEASURE BE APPROVED? ..._ NO 95"> _ :.'__-. -- P ! ".T, ,,- i Z :,,;; ,, -- .,.: :.---_. l, $11ql -- Mortou County, N.O. DEMOCRAT "'You cannot IDlti your ballot in tho pdmary ektion. I1 you vote for ;';;r, of ,T, ;,-; than Orm, yOUr paltof Wk be rejected REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS Vote for (ONE) Namo Dilly STATE SENATOR 3rd DISTRICT Vole for (ONE) Nora Only MEMBERS OF HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 33rd DISTRICT VOte for (TWO) Names Only PU B.LIC SERVICE COMMISSIONER Vote 1or (ONE) Name Only PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN Vote for (ONE) Name Only BRUCE HAGEN 21 -- NONE FILED NONE FILED MILTON FLEMMER 28,. ROBERT E "BOB" HANSON 31 NONE FILED OffloIM Slot -- I 19mlUo --  it, IERI --Morlen Covy, N.D. JUDGE OFTHE SUPREME COURT IYEARTERM Votofor(ONE)NlmoOnly JUDGE OF TNE SUPREME COURr ii-YEAR UNEXPIREO'TERM Vote for (ONE) Name Only i JUDGE OF THE DISTRICT COURT SIXTH DISTRICT Vote for (ONE) Name Only COMMISSIONER OF LABOR Vote for (ONE) Name Only i SHERIFF Vote tr (ONE) Namt Only COUNTY AUDITOR VOle let (ONE) Namo Only COUNTY TREASURER Vote for (ONE) Nall Ont CLERK OF DIITRICT COURT Vote r (ONE) Nlml ON,/ NO-PARTY i PAUL/4A. SAND 41 "> MAU.,CE E COOK 43 " GERALDW, VANDEWALLE 44" LL O .UART " 46 "> i ORVILLE W, HAGEN 48J i DENNIS R. DOLLINGER 49 LEOSNIOER 50"> i i i i EDMUND? BAUE" 51 " PAUL E TRAUOER 52 ..EVM. O,O.TON 54"> .,LOREO'LOC" 56"> i i i OIElll I1,1 -- Imort b -- Illtlmir l, 1111 -- MltlNm Oellh N,O. REGISTER OF DEEDS vole for (ONE) Name Only STATES ATTORNEY Vote tot (ONE) M.--.: Only COUNTY JUDGE Vote for (ONE) Name Only COUNTY COMMISSIONER Vot* leo (TWO) Namee Only i OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER Vote Ira' (ONE) Ham* Only NO-PARTY i T J.ALM 56"> OROTH  ZWA"CH 59''> , CHARDL 'CHNELL 60" JOB. A, VOGEL JR. 61 WILLIAM G, ENGELTER 63 Immmm WILBERT "WILLIE" BIER 64J JO.NO OA.L 65"> DANIEL D, OINNEEN 66J1 J.v, LAOUKE 67" CLARENCE L WEST 68"> NEW SALIM JOURNAl. T.E'.OA. NEW, 74"> om m,m - m,q mmem- eqm ,. nm- mkmm cmm. N.b. f.lcmt m), 19 - CONSTITUTIONAL MEASURES (Amendments) ii No. 4 A concurrent resolution for the amendment Of tattler 113 Of the Con. Sfltutlo Of the State Of North Dakota, relating to bonding limitetkma of political IubOtvtsions. SHALL SAID CONSTITUTIONAL MEASURE BE APPROVED? NO. S A concurrent resolution for the amendment M sections M and 77 Of the ConMItution Of the Store Of North Dakoto, rolatlng to the lieutenant governor voting In the store tenote. YES 106"t SHALL SAID CONSTITUTIONAL MEASURE BE APPROVED? No 107"> NO 6 A concurrent resolution tO repeal ortlcles 59, 65,117, and III Of the amend- ments tO the Constitution of the State Of North Dakota, relating to bonds for bonuses to vetoran$ Of World War el, the Korean conflict, and the Vietnam conflict, end tO the calling Of a constitutiOnal Convention. ,HALA,O VES 113J CONSTITUTIONAL MEASGRE BE APPROVED? NO 114e i O fflelll   Ihlmer ileettkm  Iktemb a. tllq)  lUlm etty, N.O, CONSTITUTIONAL MEASURES (Amendments) NO. 7 A onourrtmt rlrsofuflon to regeal wtlons 132, 133, 137, 131, 140, 141,143, 144,  145 of the CmlMItuttOn Of the Stole Of North Ooltl, relating to the hortura Of orporotkms In exlslerK:e it t time the onnlltutinfl teek effect, the avthorlxed lslneM of l corporkm,  leavam Of stOCKS  bonds by a corporation, the operating oflcl|tiofls for rallroal orwottta, the inflnitlOn Of a COrWOtI, 1 notes MI bills cIr- culeled by bonks, # S.ALLSA,O ,Es 119,-t), CONSTITUTIONAL MEASURE BE APPROVED? NO 1N,,- NO. I A concurrOnt resolution far the imenlment Of letIor114 Of the North DOKOto Constitution, ralotlngeto the IMIIorlek Of Itbllc Officers. ="ALL SAle V, 125"> CONSTITtJTIONALMEASURE BE APPROVED? ,o 126,- i i REFERRED STATUTE (Measure) Referred Statute (Measure) NO. 1 Referendum of Senate Bill NO. 2314 enacted bY 1977 Legislature, whll authm'lzel the State Ikrd Of Hlgar Education to Sell ceMoln IMld pretently Used by  OlCkthln EXRerlment totkm and Use the pro. tends topurchaSe rptacoment land for the ExwIfneflt Stotlml. ="ALLSAIO ES 132" REFERRED STATUTE BE APPROVED? NO 133--'> i COUNTY SPECIAL MlU Shell the Covnty Of  klvy not fo exoi  mltls uINm oil tSx- = IwoSSr Ift tftg CaIW fP 111 llw Of lcrY o I IIf!rim f qlecNl1114141tle t1 1fie Coerl1 N mtllelothlmlor ClNIIIt 1S- M the Nof-th Oolite C Code  Puti  94-142..R mill levy to be md  any mill levy Jlmltotinn IIW Ickl by lew. ="Al..,O .. 145" MILL LEVY BE APPROVI|O? NO 146"> i You have now completed voting. Place the Ballot Card into the Envelope and return to person in charge of the Ballet box. !i  + FOR PRECINCT COMMITTEEMEN IN THE VARIOUS PRECINCTS ARE AS FOLLOWS: ..--..,.._.= REPUBLICAN DEMOCRAT 'eC"<NO - KEN ROYSE s"W'r<Ne  - DON J. KLINGENSMITH LEO LANDEIS I=t NO DUANE A, KUEHN rqh:*n1Na * VIOLETTA S, LAGRAVE I)in e ;' VIOLET M. KAUTzMANN l%'nc No i - S. G. LAUB re*tN - DONNAM HEISLER '*n, NO  M, W. CLENDENEN l"e:*"< No *;  GEORGE T. DUEMELAND ''n'  '4 RUSSELL GIETZEN r'ko ,1 - H.G. VAHDERVORST I%hn<No *4 J. WARREN MORRISON I"'ct NO *S MARLENE DASENKO 'nt NO e* - LC)RRAINE O. NODS ."T---- VOle fO (ONE) Name Only NONE FILED Vole for (ONEI Name Only MEMBERS OF NOI.rE OF REPREIENTATIVES Mth DISTRICT Vole tor (TOOl N*mu Only REPUBLICAN JAN OYKSHOORN H. G. VANDERVORST 9"> 10--> STATE NATOR OlSllticT VMe 1 (ONE) N,me Only MEMBERS OF HOlmS oP REESENTAYlVES =m mRCT vet,  (OI Nm** O ALBERT L RtVINIUS i G, RAY NELSON 9ml  cAsPER R .C.OLL 10" i i MEMBERB OF HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 14111 DIBTRICT Vm tm (VO) mma Ch DEMOCRAT i .... iii i ii JAMES OER 27 28,. CORLISS MUSHIK STATE SENATOR DISTRICT Veto tu lONE) M,me Ot i i MEMBERS OF HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DISTRICT ve,e h. (TWO) m 0 EMIL J. RtEHL i FRANCIS BARTH WALTER A. MEYER 24-- I 27--